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Holistic Service And Global Expertise Made Accessible

Attorney Angelo Rosa

Angelo Luigi Rosa

  • Attorney

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I was born and raised in Northern California and in the Middle East. From an early age I began to understand how similar people are, regardless of citizenship, ethnicity or economic status. At a fundamental level, the world advances when there is understanding, and understanding occurs when there is communication and trust. 

At age 19 I graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a degree in history. I spent the next three years in Washington, D.C. at the American University-Washington College of Law. After graduating, I relocated to Los Angeles and began practicing law with a boutique law firm specializing in employee-oriented labor and employment matter: a priceless education in the fundamentals of legal practice, law firm management and (perhaps most critically) the purpose of counsel: to devote one's time and talents to the service to others.

In 2007 I began dividing my time (and practice) between California and Idaho and made an intentional choice to personally shape my career to serve a clientele I had begun to develop rather than accepting offers to join large firms. 

Over the following decade, my efforts permitted me to focus my attention upon advising and representing clients on commercial matters, writing and publishing materials designed to expand the ability of attorneys to better serve their clients and mentoring new generations of attorneys to better understand and fulfill their potential.

As the second decade of my career nears its conclusion, my service to carefully selected clients and projects is guided by three critical objectives:

First: to be fully committed to protecting the interests of the client. This is not blind allegiance or unquestioning obedience, but loyalty and trust built upon a deep understanding of the client and an absolute devotion to the client's well-being. This requires the checking of impulses, the promoting of creativity and both thinking in terms of the "big picture" as much as managing legal matters with that perspective. 

Second: to be competent, accountable, and constantly improving. As part of an attorney demographic that is comfortable and competent in handling both contentious litigation matters and complex business transactions, one theme predominates my experience. The successful resolution of both disputes and collaborative negotiation demands the same qualities: clear communication, the understanding of different views, and the need to approach issues with precision and focus. I wrote and edited the first treatise on pretrial civil procedure published in the State of Idaho to promote comprehensive and methodical guidance and facilitate the best service this profession can provide those who rely upon it when disagreements leave no option other than litigation. Similarly, one of the few exceptions to a primarily commercial law practice has been my advocacy of plaintiff-side professional malpractice matters. While mistakes inevitably occur, inattention and errors by counsel can drastically affect clients who have placed their trust in counsel.  The demands redress for those who entrust us with their needs. 

Third, to clearly and directly communicate. Giving competent counsel is as much about knowing a clients business, motivations, and sensitivities as it is telling hard truths about how things will affect the objectives a client wishes to fulfill. The clients whom I have had the honor of representing the longest (some including service to two and three generations of families) are those with whom I frequently challenge and debate. By so doing, ideas and decisions are reigned into their purest form for advancement and execution. The results have been satisfying to observe.

Practice Areas

  • Business & Commercial Law


  • American University, Washington College of Law, Washington, District of Columbia
    • J.D.
  • University of California , Los Angeles
    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Major: History


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  • Thought Leader: Commercial Trends Affecting Businesses in 2019, Lawyer Monthly, March 2019
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  • Lawyers of Distinction, 2020
  • Cary McWilliams Award