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IPO launch demonstrates the power of solar energy businesses

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

All investors try to get ahead of the curve when certain purchase opportunities are available. These particular stocks fall within the obvious, common-sense investment areas and technologies that have little downside. Solar energy is among the most prominent of these investment areas, and one recent IPO opening is clearly indicative of this particular trend. As industry managers work toward implementing solar energy at a significantly increased rate, individual investors are looking for the best opportunity to position their assets for long-term growth within the industry.

The Array IPO

Array Technologies recently began offering stock in the company with an outstanding opening day. Going public is a major decision for any company to make because several variables are difficult to control in the offering. One of those is how many units of stock to issue. For Array Technologies, Inc., the primary company sold 7 million opening day shares with one particular primary shareholder selling another 40.7 million shares. The price topped out at $22 per share, which is an increase over the expected $19-$21-unit range.

The Array technology advantage

The attractiveness of the Array product line is that it manufactures solar panel mounts that locate the sun as it moves throughout the day. Instead of staying in one position, the tracking device allows the mount to shift the panel for optimum sunlight absorption. This technology alone puts Array in an excellent growth position because none of its competition in the solar panel mount industry has this product capability.

Impression on stock advisers

Array’s successful IPO sales were, indeed, enough to get the attention of business law attorneys and investment professionals who understand that solar power is, assuredly, one of the most pervasive energy alternatives very soon. Their clients are always on the lookout for investment opportunities that have excellent growth potential, and the first-day investment figures alone are enough to make Array a current major investment recommendation for investment professionals.