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Does technology help or hurt the environment?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Uncategorized

Many Americans have been growing more concerned with sustainability over the past few years. Everyone has seen the news stories about changes to sea levels as melting ice has placed many animals like polar bears at risk. Activists and politicians have a variety of ideas about how to handle climate change: Some prefer instituting more regulations and taxes to curb businesses while others argue that technological innovation is the key to solving the problem.

What solutions might technology provide?

People who work in the private sector have a stake in sustainability issues, too. Some businesses have been formed with the goal of developing new solutions for environmental products. For example, there are startups dedicated to making energy from garbage. When it comes to production, technologies like blockchain have made it easier than ever before to track the progress of goods to their ultimate destination. Improvements in data sciences may be one key to ending waste.

Non-profits like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have helped to organize a group of companies dedicated to eliminating waste in packaging and shipping. Hundreds of businesses have signed up to the initiative, committing to a reduction in waste by 2025. Of course, having government officials enforce these commitments would add some teeth to the agreements.

How business lawyers may help

Ultimately, technology is neither an absolute good or evil. It all depends on how it’s developed and deployed in the world. Company owners should consider consulting with a business lawyer as they create new goods and services to help them stay on the right side of environmental law as it continues to evolve.