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How can fleet owners go green?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

The past decade has seen an embrace in green technology across all industries in the nation. However, fleet owners may still have doubts about the effectiveness of going green. Fuel and diesel prices are dropping to accommodate the increasing number of trucks. However, as the fleets increase, pollution and greenhouse emissions are increasing. One thing that fleet managers need to include in their long-term plans is the transition to green tech. It will not only improve sustainability, but it will also reduce a fleet’s carbon footprint. Here are ways for fleets to embrace green technology.

Having realistic options

Completely overhauling your fleet isn’t always possible. A realistic option involves having cars that do not impact the environment as much. Although the trucks may not be solely electric, their negative effect on the environment should be minimized.

Government grants

The United States government aims at ensuring that emissions are reduced by 2050. Thus, the government, through private partnerships, has created grants for fleet managers to change to green tech. This offer comes with an incentive of up to 35% off electric trucks. If your firm can manage to take the grant, it would be a worthy decision. Apart from reducing the operating costs of your fleet, you help preserve the environment.

Using tax incentives

Apart from grants, the government is offering reduced taxes to encourage fleet managers to embrace green trucks. This incentive aims at providing businesses with a chance to offset trucks that pollute the environment. It is a win-win situation that supports sustainability for the environment.

Investing in driver training

As a business, you can train your drivers on eco-friendly driving skills and using green tech. Eco-friendly driving can result in up to 20% reduction in fuel use. Saving fuel will benefit the environment too.

Is your firm interested in green technology? You may want to contact an attorney for guidance on how to access grants.