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Peterson Real Assets Makes Growth Equity Investment In Crossroads Paper

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Firm News

Peterson Real Assets, a subsidiary of Peterson Partners, Inc. has made a growth equity investment in Crossroads Paper, a 100% recycled paper mill to be built in the Mountain West to serve the growing demand for e-commerce, agricultural and industrial packaging in the Western United States.

“Crossroads Paper is a true environmentally sustainable real assets project that we believe will become a critical piece of the recycling, packaging and e-commerce infrastructure of the West”, said Matthew Day, Partner with Peterson Partners. “We are passionate about helping great people build great businesses. John Sasine and Ron Sasine are not only outstanding entrepreneurs, but they are veterans of the industry. We are thrilled to be backing such an outstanding team.”

Peterson Real Assets invests with a long-term view. It looks for opportunities in the resources and real assets sectors to make both pre-development and commercialization stage investments into projects that can have a long-term positive impact on the industries and communities in which they operate.

“Finding partners who not only have an appetite for large scale real assets projects but also believe in our mission of sustainability was critical. Peterson Partners is the ideal partner for our company’s next phase,” said Crossroads Paper CEO John Sasine.

The Crossroads Paper site selection process is underway, with a final determination expected by year end.

Peterson Partners has invested in other impact-oriented growth companies in Utah, including Packsize, Cotopaxi and Blue Raven Solar.

About Peterson Partners
Peterson Partners is an independent investment management firm with over $1 billion in assets under management across a variety of alternative asset classes. Peterson seeks to be the partner of choice to exceptional entrepreneurs who are looking for more than just capital from their investment partner. Since first raising outside capital nearly 20 years ago, Peterson has invested in over 200 companies. Peterson Partners has invested across a number of different strategies, including Real Assets, Private Equity, Seed Stage Venture, and Search Funds. Each investment strategy is focused on the mission of our platform: to help great people build great businesses.

About Crossroads Paper
Crossroads Paper is bringing modern recycling technology, world-class production techniques and deep industry insight to the packaging market in the Western United States.  With its focus on repurposing used materials to create new and beneficial products, Crossroads Paper will help customers and communities close the recycling loop and bring products to market in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

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