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How to make your growing business more green

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Business & Commercial Law

As your business goes from a small start-up to a successful company, you may have to increase the rate of production, expand the number of people you employ or even move to another location to better accommodate rising demand. If you don’t plan for growth, it will happen chaotically and sporadically, often with unexpected consequences.

Growth can be financially beneficial for the company, but it can also drastically increase the environmental impact of your business operations. How can you keep your business growing while also making sure that it is as green as possible?

Determine your current or likely future environmental impact

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers multiple tools to help you review the environmental impact of your business.

From establishing your personal carbon footprint to determining how much environmental damage your electrical use causes, you can identify problem areas in your business model and potentially address them as you grow by using the tools that the EPA provides.

Invest in greener supplies, facilities or equipment

As your company’s sales and revenue increase, your options for how you operate will expand as well. You could switch over to a higher cost of electricity supplier who invests in renewable energy. You could replace you’re cheap, plastic packaging with plant-based plastic or other, more easily recyclable materials.

You could revamp your business model to reduce your transportation and infrastructure needs. You could make your products more efficient or use more environmentally friendly materials. You could also build a new, energy-efficient facility with recycled materials or help reclaim and retrofit an existing building.

Exploring the environmental impact of your growing business can give you ideas of how to make it more eco-friendly in the future.