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Can your company start producing its own electricity?

| Sep 8, 2021 | Business & Commercial Law

Renewable energy options have become more affordable and more efficient in recent years. Whether you run a retail establishment or a manufacturing facility, the idea of turning one of your monthly bills into a source of revenue might be very exciting. 

The fact that it would help you better connect with environmentally-conscious consumers would also benefit your business. Can you install systems meant to generate electricity at your company?

Idaho does not prevent businesses from generating power

There are laws in some places that restrict the rights of individuals or non-utility companies to generate electricity. Idaho does not have any laws in place that prohibit your company from using green technology to generate some or all of its power. You may even be able to cooperate with local power companies to sell excess energy to the company or reduce the cost of the equipment you install. 

There are multiple systems available to generate electricity

Depending on the location of your business and the kind of operations it engages in, you may have multiple means of generating electricity. If you are not near other buildings, solar panels could be a great way to convert the sunshine that falls on your facilities into electricity. 

Alternatively, you might be able to install wind turbines on the roof of your building. While large windmills are often best used in agricultural or offshore settings, there are smaller turbines that you can attach to your roof to produce small amounts of electricity when the wind blows.

Using green technology to produce some of the energy your company uses will cut your costs and your carbon footprint. It’s just one of many ways that you can use ecologically-sound business practices to reduce your company’s impact. Learning more about environmentally-friendly business practices can help you protect your business and our planet.