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3 methods of being greener in your office

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Business & Commercial Law

Businesses know now that going green is a good way to improve customer relations while also helping the environment. It takes help from everyone for the business to be green.

While many business owners believe that it’s only major changes, like adding solar panels to the building, that matter when going green, the reality is that even small changes can make a difference. In your office, there are things that you can do today to be greener by tomorrow. Here are three things you can do starting today.

1. Stop using so much paper

Whenever possible, it’s time to cut down on using paper products. Promoting a culture where people send emails and interact without paper is key. This may mean implementing digital receipts for customers or paying bills online instead of by mail.

2. Let your team handle inquiries online

Does your company offer rebates by mail? Consider switching to digital forms and having refunds and rebates fulfilled digitally. This will reduce paper use and cut down carbon emissions from mail delivery and travel.

3. Consider going remote

Whether you have five employees or 500, if you can allow some of them to work remotely, you’ll help cut down on carbon emissions. When employees work remotely, you’ll help your community cut down on traffic congestion at the same time as cutting CO2 emissions.

These are three options for small changes that add up to a big difference in pollution and energy use. Going green is a good way to help your business stand out and to make changes that positively affect the environment.