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How can a retail clothing business minimize environmental impact?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Business & Commercial Law

Selling consumable goods is a popular business model. When you provide the public with something that people need, you can expect constant demand if you can compete with other businesses based on the quality of what you offer and the price.

Many clothing shops try to become competitive by keeping their prices as low as possible. Often, this will mean stocking the shelves with fast fashion options purchased from international factories. Unfortunately, buying into the fast fashion industry will directly contribute to environmental harm.

How could your existing or future clothing shop minimize the environmental impact of its products?

Explore ethical and sustainable brands

Fashion does not have to be synonymous with waste. In recent years, there has been a boom in companies offering clothing made from recycled materials or from sustainable fabrics.

Connecting with these brands and carrying their products in your store will not only drive environmentally conscious consumers to your business, but it will also plug you into a network of existing customers for those brands.

Consider the impact of your physical shop and shipping practices

Clothing retailers often sell their products face-to-face with customers, but online retail clothing sales have become increasingly popular.

Your business may have to consider the environmental impact of both its physical facilities and shipping. There are numerous ways to make a physical location environmentally friendly. There are also options, like carbon offsets, to reduce the environmental impact of your shipped orders.

Learning about the environmental impact of the fashion industry can help you develop a sustainable business or make an existing business more environmentally friendly.