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Holistic Service And Global Expertise Made Accessible

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Visionary Guidance For Today’s Businesses

When entrepreneurs and business entities seek holistic legal representation and business advising, they turn to Rosa PLLC. At Rosa PLLC, we use a comprehensive and sophisticated methodology combining commercial advising and legal counsel for the benefit of business clients. This includes legal and nonlegal business advising.

Founded by experienced commercial attorney and business adviser Angelo L. Rosa, we benefit from 15 years of representing clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small successful enterprises. From our offices throughout the United States, we work with clients worldwide. Learn about some of our exciting projects.

Meet our attorneys:

At the heart of our methodology is an emphasis on flexibility in meeting the needs of the client and on the financial success and protection of the client’s interests. To achieve this, we use innovative “out-of-the-box” strategies. This requires not only a fundamental understanding of the client’s business and the industry in which they operate but also the skills necessary to provide competent representation.

Strategic Representation For Litigation And Dispute Resolution

While most legal professionals confine themselves to either transactional or litigation matters, our practice includes competent representation and advocacy in both fields. At Rosa PLLC, our attorneys have litigated civil matters at administrative, trial and appellate levels of state and federal courts in numerous jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Litigation uniquely empowers the transactional advising process in terms of minimizing liability, integrating the lessons inherent to the adversarial process to manage risk, thereby providing comprehensive and beneficial representation. If a dispute arises, we also provide strategic and aggressive representation for both advocacy and dispute resolution.

Your Bottom Line Is Our Top Priority

We distinguish ourselves by making your strategic and financial “bottom line” the guiding point for its representation. The result is an ability to provide levels of expertise and service comparable to large law firms without the built-in cost of large-firm administration.

Creating Sustainable Futures

At Rosa PLLC, we take a particular interest in assisting clients to develop strategies for environmental sustainability. Our attorneys have worked with clients across several industries to create and implement green techniques. From reducing one’s environmental impact to using green technology to strengthen the environment, we take pride in working with global innovators to make the world a better place.

Proudly Providing Pro Bono And Affordable Services

Providing guidance through the justice system. Fulfilling the basic human needs of being heard and understood. These are integral to fulfilling the purpose of the legal profession. We believe that such service is incumbent upon all attorneys, particularly those who have achieved success in practice.

Therefore, Rosa PLLC feels honored and humbled to provide such services. Every year, we provide a substantial amount of practice hours to advising clients with limited economic resources. For limited or no compensation, we advise on dispute resolution and represent clients in litigation beyond the firm’s core practice areas.

Receive Innovative Guidance For Your Vision

When you are ready to discuss the fulfillment of your business or environmental vision, contact the team at Rosa PLLC. Contact our Arizona firm to seek our representation. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at 855-878-1133 or send us an email.