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Protecting What You’ve Built

After building and growing your business, you don’t want to see it slide into stasis or get picked apart by bad contracts, lawsuits and other liabilities. With sound legal guidance, you can protect what you’ve built, avoid costly pitfalls and move forward to continued growth and profitability.

At Rosa PLLC, we have the experience, skill and resources to help you protect crucial elements of your business, including your:

  • Intellectual property: Intellectual property is priceless in today’s economy. We can help you create, secure and defend patents, trademarks, customers lists, processes and other valuable intellectual property your business runs on.
  • Reputation: From Tweets to Yelp reviews, the world is increasingly interconnected, and information, true or not, can reach a mass audience with the click of a mouse. Our firm’s holistic approach to law allows us to address not only your legal concerns, but a broad range of issues that affect how your business interacts with the world. Our focus on green energy initiatives and other environmentally friendly policies can help you send the message that your company is in it for more than just dollars and cents.
  • Competitive edge: Are your business contracts designed to give you maximum advantage in transactions? Does your corporate structure allow you to maximize profitability while minimizing taxes? A relatively small investment in legal services can pay significant dividends throughout the life of your business, allowing you to sharpen your competitive edge.

Managing Risk

Risks abound in the business world. With a discerning eye looking over your policies and procedures, employee relations, transactions and other elements of your business, you can eliminate risk or at least mitigate the damage it poses.

Nonetheless, some problems are inevitable, especially in a marketplace where you must constantly interact with parties who hold competing interests. If you are in business long enough, it is almost certain that this competitive environment gives rise to a lawsuit.

Protecting Your Rights In And Out Of Court

Lawsuits can be very costly and disruptive, which is why it is important to lay a groundwork of sound legal planning to ensure that ambiguities and misunderstandings do not blossom into full-blow legal disputes. Our firm can help you do this by reviewing your contracts before they are signed and by scrutinizing your employee handbooks, governance documents and other documents to identify and fix trouble spots.

When lawsuits do arise, it is important to have a seasoned trial attorney on your side. This is important whether your case goes to trial or not. When the opposing party understands you are willing and able to defend your interests in court, they are more likely to be reasonable at the negotiating table. If trial is inevitable, you know that you are in good hands. Our firms founder, Angelo Luigi Rosa, is a seasoned litigator with a proven record of success protecting the interests of clients in state and federal courts throughout the U.S.

Protecting What Matters Most

The decisions you make today will affect the business leaders of tomorrow as well as the billions of people inheriting the planet from us. Beyond protecting your business interests, we want to help you put policies in place that protect the earth and those we share it with. We serve clients who are eager to embrace green initiatives and other policies that are friendly for the future of our society and planet. We are proud to be at the vanguard of this new way of doing business and practicing law.

Discuss Legal Strategies With An Experienced Attorney

To discuss legal strategies for protecting your business interests while implementing responsible, environmentally sound polices, contact our law firm online or by telephone at 855-878-1133.