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Angelo Rosa Publications

Angelo Rosa has written the first Pre-Trial Civil Procedure treatise in Idaho and is currently working on both the third edition of that title and the first treatise on Business Organizations Law and Practice. To learn more visit www.alr-publications.com.

  • Idaho Practice: Pre-Trial Civil Procedure (First Edition), ALR Publications Ltd., March 2019
  • Thought Leader: Commercial Trends Affecting Businesses in 2019, Lawyer Monthly, March 2019
  • Building Bridges: Understanding Islamic Legal Principles for Idaho’s Transactional Attorneys, The Advocate: Official Publication of the Idaho State Bar, November 2015
  • Weathering the Tempest: The Impact of Basel III Capital Accord on Asset Finance, Transactions: The TN Journal of Business Law, Spring 2013
  • Practice Tips: Litigating Adult Claims of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Los Angeles Lawyer, September 2007
  • From Mecca to San Francisco: Harmonizing Shari‘a-Compliant Contract Remedies with California Law, U.C. Davis Business Law Journal, January 2006
  • Keeping the Faith: Advising Muslim Clients in Real Estate Transactions, Los Angeles Lawyer (Cover Feature), February 2005
  • Contrariety: Divergent Approaches to State Subsidization of Shipbuilding in the US and the EU, Tulane Maritime Law Journal, Summer 2005
  • Outpacing the Tempest: The Consequences of Basle II on Institutional Lending in Shipping Finance Transactions, Transactions: The TN Journal of Business Law, Fall 2004
  • Harmonizing Risk and Religion: The Utility of Shari‘a-Compliant Transaction Structuring in Commercial Aircraft Finance, The Minnesota Journal of Global Trade, Fall 2003